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Engineering Services :

I. Risk Assessments

Saffire Systems will work with your organization to conduct a risk assessment. The results of the risk assessment will assist you in evaluating your organization's security policies and practices. The risk assessment will identify vulnerabilities and safeguards. In addition, suggestions will be provided for limiting risk.

II. System Architecture, Design, Implementation, and Integration

Our staff has extensive experience with the following systems: Engineering Services

  • PKI
  • Operating Systems
    • UNIX
    • Windows NT
  • Networking products
    • TCP/IP
    • Network Guard
    • Firewall
  • Windowing systems
    • X Windows (server & client)
    • X-terminals
  • GUI-based Microsoft®: Windows and X-Windows applications

III. Secure System Evaluation

SAFFIRE SYSTEMS will analyze and evaluate the security mechanisms and  features configured in your organization's computer and network systems.

The resulting evaluation report will identify possible security risks and  recommend solutions to minimize the risk.

In addition, SAFFIRE SYSTEMS has experience in tailoring security policies for organizations. These policies are based on your organization's existing policies and procedures

IV. Product & System Testing

We also have experience creating functionality and security test suites, including test tools and libraries. We will utilize your company's existing test suite to develop the new, enhanced test suite and produce documentation to support the maintenance of the test site.

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